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Free Full-Service Home Value Analysis

To receive a FREE, INSTANT, AUTOMATED pricing analysis, please click here.

To receive a FREE, IN-PERSON, Full-Service Home Value Analysis from Kerstin or Krisanne, please complete as much information as you can about your home below.

We will provide you with a market value of your home within 24 hours based on recent similar sales in your area (based on statistics just like other automated valuation services like Zillow or Redfin do). 

For a more detailed home value analysis tailored specifically to your home, it helps if we preview your home. With a site visit the margin of error will be minimal. Let us know if you'd like us to meet with you at your home to get the most accurate market value of your home. 

We will have the Home Value Analysis to you within 24 hours after we speak with you or preview your home.

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